Tubing & Fittings

Steel has been the material of choice for bicycles since bikes began. And that is no less true today. As a custom framebuilder, steel allows me to fine tune the performance of the frame based on the rider’s needs better than any other metal. When I design a bike, I do so with specific tubes in mind. What those specific tubes are, will be determined by me based on what I think will be best to achieve the performance that you desire. For the most part, the tubes I pick from will be from True Temper, with occasional choices from other suppliers based on need.

All standard, and some non-standard, fittings (or braze-ons) are included with each frame as needed.

S&S Couplings are the greatest invention since sliced bread! Ok, so that’s a slight exaggeration, but they are one of the best products to hit the bike world in a long, long time. Their use allows any “normal” bike to break down and pack up into a case much smaller than a “normal” bike box. A visit to the Travel Bike section of the Photo Gallery will show you some examples of bikes that use Couplings.

S&S Couplings are usually added to a bike design in pairs, with a typical single having one pair.

The addition of second pair lets the bike pack up with a bit less effort.

Go one step further with another pair, as well as the addition of smaller wheels, and you can pack your bike into a standard sized suitcase, or even a backpack.

Each pair of Couplings adds $400 to the price of the bike. This includes the cost of paint masking as well as helping you figure out the best way to pack your new bike. Travel cases and polishing the Couplings to a high polish cost extra.


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