The prices below are for the repair only. Please go to the Repaints page for paint prices.

For miscellaneous frame work, the rate is $50 per hour. The minimum charge for ANY frame work is $50.

Top, Down, or Head tube replacement (+ materials)        $150

Front triangle replacement (+ materials)        $250

Chainstay replacement (ea, + materials)        $125

Dropout replacement (ea, stock)        $90

Dropout replacement (pr, stock)        $135

Dropout replacement (pr, special order)        ?

Dropout replacement (pr, custom)        $200

Dent filled (ea)        $50 - ?

Disk brake mount (ea, including cable routing)        $100

Brake studs (pr, canti or V)        $50

Canti brake cable stop        $30

Misc. split stop (ea)        $20

Top tube split stops (pr)        $30

Water bottle bosses (pr)        $30

Seatstay rack mounts (pr)        $30

Front “lowrider” rack mounts (pr)        $60

Extra eyelets on dropouts (pr)        $40

Shifter bosses (pr)        $35