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Frame Styles

Follow the links below to find pictures organized base on what style of bike is involved. Every bike in this section was built and painted by Bicycle Specialties.

Paint Designs

Photo Gallery

Welcome to the photo gallery, this is my favorite part of the web site. Here, you will find lots and lots of photos. In a departure from previous incarnations of this web site, I have added some new categories, so some of the photos will be found in multiple places. As a part of this, I have added photos of repaints, as well as bikes I’ve painted for other builders, different paint designs, my shop, and even all the fixtures that I use to build the bikes. I hope that you enjoy looking at these photos as much as I do. If I have built and/or painted a bike for you, and you don’t see it’s photo here, please feel free to send me any pictures you have. If they are usable, I will be happy to add them.


These links will take you to photos divided into groups based on their paint jobs. Some of these bikes were built by others.

The heading pretty much says it all. These links will take you to a variety of places, including a virtual tour of my frame shop. Many, if not most, of the bikes seen in this section, were built by someone other than Bicycle Specialties.