Here are some links to places and people that I think are important.  I have tried my best to organize them into self explanatory categories.  Not all of them have anything what-so-ever to do with my company.  Some of them, are just people or places that I like and think that you may like. If you know of any that you think that I should include, please e-mail me.  If I agree, I'll put it on the list.

People or bike companies that I deal with to run my company:  Makers and sellers of fine framebuilding supplies, and distributor of True Temper tubing.  Ceeway, in England.  Framebuilding supplies galore.  Nova Cycle Supply.  An excellent supplier of framebuilding materials.    Kirk Pacenti. Former framebuilder. Currently designs and distributes his own lugs. Richard Sachs. Master framebuilder, designer an distributer of his own lugs.  True Temper Tubing.  High quality American made steel tubing.  Columbus tubing of Italy.  High quality tubing that has been around for a long, long time.    The makers of the S&S Couplings    Fit Kit Systems.  These guys designed the system that I use to help determine what size frame my customers need.

Educational, whimsical, and other bicycle related resources:    This link will help you sign up for a framebuilder's e-mail list.  This list is an excellent place to learn more about framebuilding and have your questions answered by the pros.    This link takes you to another place that you can ask questions and learn about framebuilding.    This is an excellent collection of bicycle related links.    Cascade Bicycle Club was my local club, when I lived in Seattle.  It also happens to be the largest bike club in the U.S.  Skagit Bicycle Club was my local club when I lived in Skagit county. This is probably the strongest club that I have ever been a part of. It is definitely my favorite club.    If you are interested in "hack" bikes, you definitely want to check this one out.

Other framebuilders:    Curt Goodrich. Curt is the first employee that I hired to help me in the frameshop. He now lives in Minneapolis and builds under his own label.    David Wilson. David was the fourth and last employee that I hired to help me in the frameshop. After I closed my shop in Seattle, he stayed in town, building under his own label. He currently lives in the Netherlands. David has a special affinity for cargo bikes.    Dave Bohm. Dave is a true artist with lugs.  Prepare to be wowed.