Framebuilding Classes

One of the best ways to improve at something is to teach it to someone else.  Because I am always trying to improve, I like to teach.  Back when I had employees working for me, I usually hired people that I had to train to do their job, whether it was painting, machining, or brazing.  I also taught a couple of high school students how to build their own frames for their "senior project" (the photo below, is of a poster that one of them made to explain the process for his project presentation). I don’t have employees anymore, but I still enjoy teaching.

One of my long term goals, is to be able to offer classes in frame building, brazing, and metal working.  These classes won't be cheap (the cost is basically double what I would charge you if I built the frame), and they won't make you an expert, but you will receive one-on-one instruction (with all supplies included) and you will come away from the class understanding what you learned well enough to improve on your own. The length of each class is dictated by the student involved, I guarantee that my students do all the work on their bike, and the class isn’t over until the bike is done.

I especially enjoy teaching people how to fillet braze. Fillet brazing is a time honored method of joining steel bicycle tubes into designs that lugs just won't allow. If I teach you to fillet braze, you can be sure that the bike that you build yourself will actually hold your weight. And, while your fillets may not turn out as pretty as mine, by the time you finish the class, they won't look too bad.

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