Frame Repairs/Repaints

Three of the great things that I love about steel, as a material for making bicycles, are it’s repair-ability, it’s expand-ability, and it’s repaint-ability. Repair-ability, meaning that most damage to your frame can be repaired (what a change that is, in today’s throwaway world). Expand-ability, meaning the ability to add new fittings as the need (or desire) arises. And repaint-ability, meaning that a previously damaged bike can look as good as new, and that you can change the very personality of your bike with a new paint design &/or color.

Follow the links at the top of this page to find out more about what repair/repaint services I offer. By the way...yes, the bike in the photo above was successfully repaired!

Oh yeah, a quick word of caution to anyone looking for repair work (especially collectors with vintage bikes). Unless you specifically request otherwise, I do not look over every bike “with a fine tooth comb” looking for every possible problem that I can suggest you have me fix (and pay me for!). If there is something that I notice, that I think has the potential to be a major problem, I will be sure to mention it to you. It is my assumption that you, as the owner of the bike in question, know what it is that you have and what needs to be done to it. Therefore, my job is to do what you have asked me, without “nickel and diming” you with extra stuff.

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