Unless you want a single speed of some sort, vertical rear dropouts are the way to go. They take all the guess work out of rear wheel alignment. They come with or without eyelets.

The Henry James Stainless Steel dropouts make a real nice upgrade. They can be polished and masked off so that you won’t damage the paint every time you install or remove the rear wheel. As you can see, they are also available with or without eyelets.

The Pacenti laser cut track/single speed dropouts are the best of their kind that I have ever built with. They were designed with modern frame geometries in mind, so as to add to the beauty of the frame, not detract from it.

The Pacenti slider dropouts allow you to change the very nature of your bike. Giving you the choice of riding a single speed, or a multi-speed. As a multi-speed, you can also change your bike’s “chainstay length”, which affects handling. As you can imagine, these dropouts are just a bit more expensive than all the others. As a result, adding these to your bike would add $125.00 to the cost of your custom bike.