"You can walk into any bicycle store and buy a bike - but how do you know "that bike" will be the thrill of your life?  I found early in my cycling life that I didn't fit on "production" bikes.  I purchased a custom bike in 1992 that let me participate in numerous adventures that I never knew were possible on a bicycles.  My joy for riding and passion for adventure sent me in the direction of ultra distance cycling.  Unbeknownst to me, once I crossed the 250 mile threshold an old neck injury started raining its ugly head (no pun intended).  I wound up changing my stem and handle bar combination many times to try and sort out the factors that caused my neck to ache and my right arm to go numb.  I took my information to Matt and asked him to make me a new bicycle that incorporated all of the wonderful properties of my existing custom bike and the new knowledge I had gathered about my neck.  In addition, I asked him to not sacrifice the performance I had grown accustomed to.  As a matter of fact, I asked him to make it perform better!  Oh, and I wanted to add S&S Couplings so travel would be easier.

Up until this point these requests are not too far out of the ordinary.  However, before I hand over a credit card, I want to be involved in the decision making process.  Probably not a big deal if I was a guy in this guys world of cycling, but I am a woman.  I have been cajoled, criticized, put down and in general ignored at just about every bike shop I have ever visited.  Rarely has a salesperson celebrated my curious and detailed mind.  Matt and I formed a collaboration very early in the process.  I live in Chicago, so he was dependent, at times on my ability to understand his instructions to remeasure certain parts on my existing bike.  He also had to "hear" the essence of my neck issues which at times were more instinct than tangible.  I also had a very specific request regarding the graphics of the bike - they had to be made from reflective vinyl so that I would be completely visible at night.  I didn't want to add reflective vinyl after the fact and make the bike look tacky.

I now have a bicycle that I consider to be "perfect".  And I do mean perfect.  My very first ride validated that finding a solution to the reflective vinyl issues was worth it.  I got caught in a classic Midwest thunderstorm where the sky went black in a matter of minutes.  The oncoming cars flicked their high beams acknowledging they saw my bike and ME!  I have tested the performance on numerous day rides and a week long ride.  It performed as I hoped it would - nimble handling and a rock solid downhiller.  Next year I will put it through its paces on some ultra rides to validate that my neck will remain pain free past 250 miles.  And if it doesn't, I know that I can call Matt and be taken seriously."

Toni Stanek - Chicago, Illinois

Customers and Their Bikes

"We came to Matt knowing little about bike design.  We had some ideas of what we wanted, but only knew the color scheme we wanted for sure.  We got much more!  Working with Matt, the two of us were able to go through the entire process. Matt went with us through the design, construction, and painting. We had a tandem built and enjoyed the process so much that we had two singles built. Matt took the time to make sure we understood what we wanted and where he was with the projects. This helped us in the decisions we needed to make, and in what components to get for the bike. We are still very pleased with our custom bikes."

Nick and Mary Rutherford - Seattle, Washington

This is Connie. She called me because she had a frustrating problem, and she had heard that I wasn't afraid to build something weird. After I finished blushing over the compliment, we got together to discuss what it was that she needed. Connie's problem, was that her spine couldn't take all the abuse from walking around anymore. What she needed was a way to exercise (not to mention merely walk) while sitting down. What I came up with was what I called the "Centaurus". Not only did the "Centaurus" do what Connie needed it to, but it was so much fun zipping around on it, that I decided to work on a version to be marketed to the general public. Look for that sometime in the future.

Unfortunately, Connie passed away a few years ago. And, as these things tend to work, the Centaurus, along with many more of her possessions, was sold at an estate sale. Fortunately, the person that bought it tracked me down and gave me her impressions. The following is the e-mail I received from the buyer:

“Hello Matt,

I recently purchased Connie’s “scoot-bike” (that’s what I’ve been calling it anyway) at an estate sale here in Portland. I researched it on Google, and found your website. Your company sounds great, and it’s nice to hear about someone who takes modest pride in their craftsmanship. I’m writing just to tell you that I’m enjoying the Centaurus, it’s so much fun to cruise around on. I’m curious about your plans to make a model for general use. I don’t really like riding bikes too much (too risky in the city). I feel safe and comfortable on the Centaurus, probably because it was designed for a nice little old lady. And it gets me around town faster than walking. It can get my blood pumping whenever I hit a slight incline, and can’t coast anymore. Well, I don’t want to make you blush or anything, but thanks for making such a smooth, fun mode of transportation!

Keep up the good work and have fun (I am),”

Nicole Couture - Portland, Oregon

“Dear Matt:

   I'm writing to let you know how much I've been enjoying the frame you designed and built for me.  I appreciated the opportunity to have the features and characteristics that were important to me incorporated into my frame.  It fits and steers as I hoped it would--I particularly like the steering--I've never used anything else I've liked as well.  The frame is stiff, but not harsh.  It's just what I wanted.  The paint scheme with the contrasting lugs is particularly appealing.  People with very costly bikes stop to admire mine.  I've had compliments on the bike in the midst of bike races!  It's hard to believe, but true.  Thanks for making me such a wonderful frame.”

Ken Rasmussen - Bow, Washington

“Hi Matt,

Well, I got all the parts hung on my frame and I took it for a little spin tonight. The bike floats. Needless to say, I’m thrilled. The bike has no bad handling habits that I can tell. I can stand on the pedals and sprint like mad, and all I feel is the thrust of the downstroke. No squishiness. Turning is smooth. The bike tracks hands-free beautifully.

The part I like best is that I can actually see where I’m going without craning my neck. Breathing is easier too since I’m not all hunched over. Put it simply, It’s a joy to have a road bike that really fits.


Dan Liddell - Bellevue, Washington

Sally Edwards

Shan Rayray

Lisa Merrill

“Hey Matt!

That is a very cool ride you have created :)

The Siren and I have won 6 medals together already (3 at US Master Nats and 3 at Pan Ams including a gold ;) and everywhere I go people take pictures of my beautiful bike and ask me who did the paint!  Thanks again for the beautiful work....”

---Jane Chateaubriand - Seattle, Washington

Previously Sponsored Riders

This page is a collection of photos of some of my customers and their bikes.  In some cases, there is also a testimonial or comment with the photo.  Some of the photos are hyperlinks to photo albums with better shots of the particular bike. If you are a happy customer of mine, and are willing to send me your photo for inclusion on this page, please send me an e-mail.

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