Custom Stems

I’ve been making custom stems almost as long as I’ve been making custom frames. In fact, if my memory serves me correctly, my first stem was for the second bike that I ever made for myself.

A basic HOULE custom stem is made to work with a threadless headset (an adapter quill is used to work with threaded headsets). The handlebar clamp has a double binder (also called “dog bone style”), which makes installation easier. Oh yeah, and it’s painted black.

Beyond that, a HOULE custom stem can be almost any length &/or angle that you need. Fittings can be added to increase the usefulness of your stem. For example, the captain’s stem on my tandem (shown at left) has three fittings, one for my computer, one for my bell and one for my drag brake lever.

The cost for a HOULE custom TIG welded stem is $150. A custom fillet brazed stem is $175. Added fittings are extra. If you are ordering a stem along with a custom bike, the stem can be painted to match the frame at no extra cost.

If you would like to see photos showing the evolution of a custom Houle stem, follow this link. You can also go to the Fixture Photos page to see photos of the various fixtures that I use to build stems.