Custom Bikes

Welcome to the Custom Bikes page.  This page marks the true beginning of the path that you need to follow to receive a truly custom bike with excellent service.  Continue on from here to the Fit page (so that we can determine your correct sizing), then to the Construction Methods page (so that you can decide how you want your bike made), then to the Paint & Design page (so that you can decide how you want your bike to look), and finally to the Components page (it’s not a bike without the components). You can even visit the Custom Stems page (for the next level in custom fit). Or, if you don’t care about all the details yet and just want to know what the basic price for a basic frame set is, go to the Construction Methods page.

When you buy a HOULE, it may have my name on it, but it is designed the way you want it.  I try not to have an agenda when I think about bikes.  I see value in all aspects of cycling, after all, one man's geek is another man's friend.  Who am I to tell you how your bike should look, what it should be equipped to handle, or what you want to use it for? That’s your job. My job is to figure out how to accomplish your vision. If I can’t make what you want, I’ll tell you. But I enjoy a challenge, so unless it takes tooling that I don’t have, I can probably come up with something.

Some examples of previous challenges that customers presented to me (that I successfully met) include the Centaurus, my first cargo bike, the 8 Ball, and of course the Orion travel bike.

The Centaurus is a modern version of the Drasine (the world’s first two wheeled human powered vehicle). It was designed to provide mobility for someone who wanted to walk, but needed to sit while doing so.

This cargo bike was designed primarily to carry tools and welding equipment around a shipyard. It’s secondary purpose is for commuting or general “around town” use.

The 8 Ball was the world’s first bike designed to convert from a single to a tandem using the S&S Coupling. It was conceived and co-designed by John Borszcz so that he and his wife could travel around Europe for their honeymoon. What John wanted, was a bike that would pack into two duffle bags, allow them to ride together, and also allow John to ride by himself while his wife was busy doing things that bored him. It was called the 8 Ball because the frame broke down into 8 pieces.

The Orion travel bike also has it’s roots in John’s fertile brain. His original idea was for a mountain bike that you could carry to the top of a mountain, in a backpack, then assemble and ride down. My first take on this concept was a road bike that fit into a standard suitcase. This idea was so well received that I built 53 bikes based on the design for a customer (CleanSpeed) who imported them into Japan.