Construction Methods

I offer all three methods of steel frame construction, TIG welded, fillet brazed, and lug brazed. Both fillet and lug brazing have been used to make quality bikes since bikes began, while TIG welding is somewhat newer. Personally, I see two main differences between the methods, time to construct and aesthetics (many builders will try to argue about relatively minor technical issues, but I don’t think that those issues are worth worrying about).

The prices listed below, include a frame (made with the construction method of choice), a fork (again, made with the method of choice - does not have to be the same method as that of the frame), a personalized geometry designed around your fit and riding style, a custom selection of tubing and fittings, and a choice of powdercoat colors.

The price for almost anything other than “normal” singles or tandems, will be on a “time and materials” basis.

Fillet brazing is a time honored method that provides a smooth, seamless, one piece look. It allows for any design or geometry as well as any tube size or shape.

The price for a fillet brazed frame and fork is $2,300. The price for a fillet brazed tandem frame and fork is $4,800.

Lug brazing is usually limited to traditional geometry road bikes, with nothing too weird.  I say usually, because most builders are limited by the lugs that they can buy from their usual sources. But, while I certainly offer some of the same lugs, unlike most builders I will make custom lugs to fit whatever geometry or style you need (round tubes only). Lugs can be brazed with brass or silver. If you want to use stainless steel lugs (which would then be polished and masked for a really classic look), they must be silver brazed. Ultimately, there are two main differences between the two methods. The first is cost - silver brazing rod costs a lot more than brass brazing rod. The second is time - silver brazing requires a bit more prep work (a lot if we are talking stainless steel lugs).

The price for a brass brazed, lugged frame, is $1,900. If you want polished stainless steel lugs, the price is $3,000 (this includes masking the lug edges for paint). The price for custom lugs varies. There are no stock lugs for making tandems. Therefore, any lugged tandem must be made with custom lugs. Which, of course, means that the price for a lugged tandem varies.

TIG welding is the least expensive of all the methods because it is the far. Like fillet brazing, it allows for any design or geometry as well as any tube shape.

The price for a TIG welded frame and fork is $1,600. The price for a TIG welded tandem frame and fork is $3,400.


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