Welcome to my Blogs page. The links below will take you to each of my blogs. The purpose of these blogs is to convey information that needs/wants to be conveyed, but that doesn’t directly relate to selling you a custom bike. I will do my best to keep the content of these blogs bicycle related.


The Fixture blog is dedicated to showing all the fixtures that I use to build bicycles. In the future, I will probably start another blog dedicated to fixtures that other builders use. In fact, if you have any such pictures and you would like to see them included in this collection, please send them on.

The content of the Opinions blog is probably self-explanatory. I promise to do my best to keep it focused on issues related to bicycles.

The Projects In Progress blog is for those who like to see how sausage is made. Here, you will find progressive photos of some of the projects that I have worked on.